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Frequently Asked Questions

This is usually caused by a browser problem. This program requires either Google Chrome or Firefox. It will not run on Internet Explorer. It is also recommended that you clear your browser history at least once a week for optimal performance.

Yes, we update our system anytime VOCA makes changes so you will always be in compliance.

Your data belongs to you. If you choose to discontine our service, the data will be returned to you in a CSV format (Excel spreadsheet).

In the Admin area you may set up as many grants as needed.

In the Admin area you may set up as many agencies as needed.

Yes, entire cases or individual notes may be marked confidential.

Training Videos
for the Transition from
V4 to V5

Contact & Support (1:49)

Changes to adding new Clients (2:58)

Changes to viewing and searching Clients (7:33)

Changes to the Admin Area (8:55)