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We at VSTracking team is primarily concerned with supplying an affordable, easy-to-use, and reliable case management and grant reporting system. We are consistently improving our platform to meet the needs of the various types of agencies we work with. This includes free training, support, and upgrades, as well as premium features, such as Notification Letters, Non-victim Timesheets, and Document Storage.

Please, take a look at our demo or sign-up for the 14-Day Free Trial. Our representatives and support staff are available to assist you in creating a simpler work experience. Contact us at 970.375.9099

And stay tuned. There’s more to come in the not-too-distant future!


One of the reasons VSTracking is such a reliable, easy-to-use platform is that it was designed by a former victim advocate. But did you know that we also employ individuals who have worked in victim services? For example, our Director of Customer Relations is Robbi Lachenal, a former victim advocate for New Smyrna Beach Police Department. Read about her experience as an advocate and joining the VST family below:

I became a Victim Advocate in September of 2010 for our local police department. During my 8 years as an advocate, I had the privilege of working beside some of the best men and women in uniform. I was also humbled by the stories of the victims that I guided through a very difficult, confusing and often frustrating judicial system.

Part of my duties as an advocate was to track the information of the victims that we helped. This was a requirement to continue receiving grant funding through VOCA (Victim of Crimes Act). We needed to track victim demographics as well as every service that we provided. In the beginning, we tracked this information by making a check mark on a paper for every interaction with or on behalf of each victim. At the end of each month, we counted each and every check mark to report back to VOCA about how we were using their money. This was a very daunting task that took up to 3 or 4 days to complete.

After almost 4 long years of counting check marks and tally marks, I sat down at a computer and began searching for computer software that would help me streamline the reporting process. I felt there had to be something out there that would work correctly and wouldn’t break the city’s bank.

As luck (or fate) would have it, I stumbled upon VSTracking. VSTracking was the most affordable software out there. After becoming a client and using the software, I discovered just how user-friendly it was. My monthly reports were reduced to a few button clicks that took me minutes instead of days to complete.

I ended up being a client for over 4 years before I joined the VSTracking team. Although part of me has struggled with not being able to “make a difference” in someone’s life in our community, I am excited to know that I can be a part of making a difference in the lives of many advocates in many different communities. VSTracking makes the paperwork part of advocacy so much easier which frees up the time for the advocates to focus on what truly matters – the victims.

-Robbi Lachenal

The Advocate’s Corner

Find out how “[p]eople who identify as part of the… LGBTQ communities… experience sexual violence, and… face different or additional challenges in accessing legal, medical, law enforcement or other resources than other populations.”

Read more LGBTQ survivors and get advice on how to support them at this link.

Westchester County is following in the footsteps of NYC to support people affected by domestic violence trauma.

See the details of the leave law here.

This “hotline for Rhode Island residents to report cybercrimes and find resources to recover” is the first to be established in the US.

Find out more about the RI hotline.

“Seek Then Speak is a digital aid that helps [sexual assault victims] gather information, make decisions, and take action. It’s available on your desktop, mobile phone, even a landline… and [they] can remain anonymous as long as [they’d] like. “

Click this link to read more about Seek Then Speak.

Affiliate News

COVA posts job and volunteer opportunities for victim services throughout Colorado on their website!

Visit the COVA website to learn about opportunities.

NOVA logo

Join advocates, providers and supporters for four days of workshops, speakers, and connection in Phoenix, AZ.

Learn more or register for the training at this link.

The OAN is tasked with maintaining professional standards and encouraging continuing education within the field of victim services in Ohio. “Acquiring and maintaining valid OAN Registered Advocate status attests that an individual has achieved a defined level of experience and knowledge in the victim assistance profession.”

To learn more and find application forms for OAN, click here.

TVSA was created as a place for victim service providers to train and connect in such a way that supports and prepares them for providing the highest quality service to victims and their communities.

Click this link to learn more about TVSA.

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