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We offer a live online walk through of VSTracking to you and your entire team. Victim Service Tracking Software simplifies the paperwork so you can spend more time on what counts, being an effective victim advocate.  And with our affordable pricing, it won’t break the bank.

Eliminate the Need for Excel and Paper Forms

Eliminates the use of cumbersome manual systems like copying information from paper forms into Excel spreadsheets or databases, etc. Instead, you’ll be able to collect, sort, arrange, search, locate and update all of your data faster and more easily than ever before.

Produce Reports in Seconds

Generate all of your grant reports (VOCA, VAWA) literally in minutes at the push of a button.

Access Reports and Control User Privileges for Security and Control

Easily set user access privileges to fit the way you work.  VSTracking allows administrators to tailor privileges to fit the way you work including the ability to specify sensitive or confidential information settings for authorized personnel.

Free Upgrades and Support

We are here to support you and your organization. We strive for excellent customer service and attention to detail. You are never charged for support or upgrades!

Packed with Extra Value at No Extra Charge

Unlimited users. Free initial training and in the future as needed. Free customer support. Free upgrades. Portable, so it goes where you go. Lifetime rate protection.

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VSTracking Data Security

  • We use the most current 2048-bit signed SSL Certificates

  • Protected against SQL Injection

  • Encrypted password requirements determined by you.

  • All logs and backups are stored on separate secured and encrypted drives.

  • Control and set access for sensitive information for authorized employees only.

  • FIPS and NIST compliant algorithyms used to routinely update and continuously ensure the integrity of the information and the backups.

VSTracking Pricing

VSTracking™ is affordably priced as an annual subscription based on the population served by your jurisdiction.

Call for pricing and be sure to ask about these program enhancements:

  • Enhanced Reporting
  • iCloud Survey

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Key Benefits

  • Eliminates paper forms and Excel spreadsheets etc.
  • Designed by an advocate for advocates

  • Grant reporting in minutes instead of hours

  • Cloud-based. Portable. Secure.

  • FIPS and NIST compliant

  • Complies with CJIS recommended security standards

  • Unlimited users. Free training

  • Free customer support. Free upgrades. Always

  • Portable so it goes where you need to go

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What Our Customers Are Saying…

(VSTracking) created a custom victim service tracking system that is user friendly, visually appealing and easy to access.  We were able to quickly retrieve accurate statistics to provide to our multiple grants for funding.  The Victim Service tracking reports fit both our local state and federal funding statistic requirements.  The software designers are very responsive whenever we have suggestions or when IT crises may arise.  I would strongly recommend this program for your organizations.

Read full testimonial… is a time saving, VOCA compliant, easy to use program that has become such a positive addition to my daily statistics keeping process.  Handwritten information sheets, rolodexes, and hand counting stats have become a thing of the past.  Reporting has never been easier… I cannot thank enough.

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Your victim service tracking software has made a great impact on the way we track and handle our client cases. In the past, we went through two other case management systems that seemed plagued with software glitches, difficult for our advocates to use, time-consuming to get the correct reporting data and had been extremely expensive to maintain with all the extra fees that came with every call for support we made.

Read full testimonial…

It is my pleasure to reccomend VS Tracking for any agency that is looking for a product that will meet the reporting requirements of grants…  It became evident rather quickly that VS would make my reporting quicker and more accurate… We have been using VST since August 2016 and have been pleased with the software and the customer service provided by staff.

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The Victim Advocates at the New Smyrna Beach Police Department have been using the website for several years now.  What a blessing is has been to reduce paperwork, time and frustration when reporting statistics to VOCA. The program is easy to navigate. We used to count tally marks every month and now we simply click a few buttons and everything is calculated and prepared for us. Transfer the information into the VOCA Grant website we use for reporting and we’re done.  It now takes us minutes compared to hours/days.

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